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  • I've read the website, like the look of it, what next?
    Give your local Christmas Decorators office a call to arrange a meeting.  You'll be asked on the telephone if your looking for indoor Christmas Decorations, outdoor Christmas Decorations, or both, and if as if you have a budgetary guideline you want to remain within.  If you have called within enough time we will visit you to discuss what we can offer. As an alternative you can send us an outdoor image of your building and we can offer you a computer generated image of what we can do.  This is available for outdoor only.    
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  • How much does a Christmas decorating service cost?
    This depends on what you want, and you are always in control of the end.  We will always ask if you have a figure in mind that you'd prefer not to exceed.  We will produce your Christmas decorations and lighting with this in mind.  Christmas decorations are no different to buying a bouquet from a florists. Depending on what you wish to spend is how we determine what to put into your decorations.

    As a guide, an 8ft Christmas tree would cost 399 to rent for a budget level decorated Christmas tree right through to 650 for a lavishly decorated tree.

    The outside of a small detached house would cost between 600 and 1000 for the roofline to be lit, a lit Chrsitmas wreath in an apex, a Christmas garland around the doorway and some lights in the shrubs.

    A large detached home with its roofline lit, apex wreaths, front door garland, windows outlined
    and a couple of trees lit can cost between 3000 and 6000.

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  • When do I need to reserve my space in the Christmas Decorators installation diary?
    Existing customers get the first choice of the installation diary, then its a case of first come, first served. Up until October you can usually pick from a choice of available dates. As of then we try to fit you in when we can to the best of our ability.   
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  • What time of the year do you install Christmas decorations and lights for homes?
    We start installing discrete exterior lighting on rooflines and in trees in October. By discrete we mean that they are hardly noticed as they aren't switched on.  Then we come back at your most suited date in November/December to add the greenery (Christmas trees, Christmas garlands, Chrsitmas wreaths, etc..) and switch it all on for you. Interior decorations are all installed on your chosen date typically within the first couple of weeks of December.   
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  • What time of the year do you install commercial Christmas displays?
    We like to get the infrastructure in if its required in September/October time.  We then come and do the final installs on your most suited date in November. We recommend to get the most out of your decorations, any time after Bonfire night is acceptable. You'll no doubt certainly want to get them installed by the last week of November.    
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  • What is the difference between renting and buying?
    The same as a car! If you own them, you have a larger first year investment.  Subsequent years would only incur a cost to have them installed and taken down.  If you rent, its a lot cheaper short term, but you never actually own anything. If you rent you also have the freedom to change your decorations every year. If you own them and they are paid for in full, you have them, year after year.
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  • How long will my Christmas decorations/Christmas lights take to install?
    We aim to get most jobs done in a day. An install over 20,000 could possibly take up to 2 days.  We can offer commercial clients the opportunity to install overnight so as to not interfere with the operations of the business.  We also work 7 days a week.
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  • How and when do I pay for the Christmas Decorating Service?
    A new customer is asked to pay a 25% deposit.  The balance is then paid upon completion of the install.  Its company policy not to take decorations down in January until the final balance has been paid. You can pay by cash, cheque and most major debit and credit cards.
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  • What if I don't have a local Christmas Decorators office nearby?
    Call our head office on 0845 1901909 and they will allocate your enquiry to the most suitable office.
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  • What happens if my Christmas lights go out?
    With the use of the new LED technology this is very rare. In the event that they did go out we would of course rectify the situation. Our local offices are proactive in calling by several times after an install is complete to make sure everything is running as it should be.
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  • Do I need to be home on the install day?
    No not at all especially if we are only decorating or lighting outdoors.  We can liaise with a housekeeper, caretaker or any other agent if you wish.
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  • What about privacy and respect to my property?
    Our clients include some of Hollywood's top celebrities as well as many UK A-list stars of sports, screen and music.  We also work for a lot of the UK's most wealthy.  We've earned the trust of these clients over years of excellent service and 100% discretion.  We can provide a confidentiality agreement, signed by the company and all of its employees involved on the install.  We're there to do a job as professionally as possible, no matter who the client is. As standard practice we photograph all installs so we can refer to the images in subsequent years installs. Naturally we have customers who who want to see pictures of our work (just like you may have seen before determining to use our services) and in this instance we will always ask if its OK to take a photo.
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  • Can I change my Christmas decorations from one year to the next?
    If you are renting, yes. If you own them yes, but you will also own the previous years decorations. Once you choose new decorations we don't store your old ones.  
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  • What if I'm not happy with my Christmas decorations once they are installed?
    We never leave your premises until you are satisfied. We have never had a dissatisfied customer. If for any reason you could not be there to sign them off, contact us right away and we'll be there as soon as we can.
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  • When are Christmas decorations taken down?
    Anytime between 2nd January and the 10th January, unless you specify otherwise.
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  • Who stores my Christmas decorations once they have been taken down?
    We do at your local Christmas Decorators warehouse. If you own them, you are more than welcome to keep them at your premises.
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